My Favorite Products + Tips for Healthy Traveling

Traveling is one of my favorite parts of life. The anticipation beforehand, the new experiences, the memories after… you know the drill, its all fun.

But the getting to and fro is not always all rainbows and butterflies. I used to hate flying, now I actually look forward to it.

The way I see it now, the time in the air is at least two hours to focus on whatever you want. Whether its zoning out and watching a movie, writing, or reading a book I haven’t made time for, I love the couple of hours of solitude flying gives me.

Two books I’m listening to on audio currently!
I used to stress out about having everything I ‘needed’ for a flight, mostly because I never really knew exactly what those things were, I just knew I wanted to stay healthy and feeling my best when flying but always felt a lack of control as I was taking myself out of my typical environment. Luckily over the last year I have found a really great mix of products that have made flying 10x more enjoyable for me, and as I was gathering them for a flight this week I thought it would be a good idea to share them with you! It might sound like a lot of items but once you have them gathered together in their respective travel bags, you will be ready to toss them into your carry-on and take off quickly knowing you set yourself up for a healthy trip.
Off we go!

My Favorite Flying ‘Tools’:

Bose QuietComfort 35- These had to go first as they are definitely the best travel investment I have made this year (I actually also use these daily while working and on walks, so maybe just one of the best overall investment I’ve made this year). These bad boys are super comfortable, the sound is amazing, and the best part is they are noise canceling, and you never know when you are going to be stuck next to a crying baby on a flight. I usually tune into a book on Audible or listen to a podcast for some duration of my flights, so these get used a lot.

Once you own them you will wonder how you traveled without them!

The Dream Sleeper- This was recommended by Ben Greenfield on one of his podcasts and now I must say, everyone needs this. I am someone who can never, I mean never ever, take naps, but that changed with this i. This sleeping mask is silk with velcro in the back and also slightly cancels out noise. If I need to sleep on a flight to adjust to the time zone or take a nap, I’ll put this mask on with my headphones, and although I may look like a crazy person, I can get a bomb nap in no matter where I am. I sleep with this on at home most nights as well but it is especially great when traveling and you can’t control the lighting.
The silky material is gentle on your skin and hair and can be washed easily.
Trigger Point Roller- This is a super compact foam roller with two ‘trigger points’ on it that extend out. I tend to get knotted up in my shoulders and neck from flying and starting out a trip feeling tight is a no-go. I’ll take this out in the hotel room and lay down with the foam roller under my back and work it over any knotted areas. This can really help work out tension and help you last until a massage, yoga class, or chiropractor. This is also great if you are sore from a workout, and the benefits of foam rolling for physical performance are pretty substantial.
I like how small this foam roller is yet it can work pretty much any body part you need.
Portable charger- Luckily most airplane now have outlets that allow you to charge your very necessary devices, but just in case, I always pack a fully charged portable charger for my Apple products. I ordered mine from Amazon.

Tip: Organize in multiple travel kits and makeup bags-

I usually take a large tote sized bag as a carry-on, so small items can easily get lost into its abyss. I recommend using as many small, zip bags as possible, or even clear bags, to organize all of your goods.
I use a separate bag for cosmetic products, one for supplements, one for cords and electronics, etc. 

Essential Supplements For Flying:

Vital Proteins Collagen- I talked about Collagen briefly in my bulletproof coffee recipe post, but here I will just mention that this supplement is a must-have for me when traveling because besides helping with the health of your hair, skin, and nails, it is also great for helping your gut lining. When traveling it is nice to be able to not only stick to your regular supplement and nutrition routine but also give your gut flora as much assistance love as possible. These have no taste so I just pour them into my water or coffee and I’m good to go! (In this case I also packed a bone broth packet but I have yet to try this one, so I will report back later on this flavor!)
These travel packs are so handy and you can order them at or buy them at Whole Foods. 
Onnit Total Gut Health Packets- Continuing on about giving your Gut some TLC while traveling, these little packs are life savers. Each pack come with prebiotics, enzymes, and probiotics, which are all really necessary in helping you stay regular and adjust to different foods. I love that I just need one pack for each day I will be gone, instead of counting and packing up tons of separate pills.
You can buy these by the box here are
RX Bars- I like to toss an RX Bar in my carry-on for a snack in case I get hungry during the flight and can’t find any great options at the airport (which rarely happens but you can never have too many snacks I guess). These are a little higher in sugar but have great really simple ingredients that are paleo and even Whole30 friendly. I have noticed these are sold at a lot of airports lately which is super convenient, but I buy mine at Trade Joes when I am home.
Some of my other favorite flavors are Chocolate Sea Salt and Peanut butter.
Nuun electrolytes- Does anyone else feel like they get super dehydrated when they fly no matter how many bottles of water they try to down? I picked these electrolyte tabs up at Whole Foods (I have also since seen them at Target), before an international flight earlier this year and I noticed a big difference in my hydration when flying when I use them. These are little electrolyte tabs you drop into you water bottle and shake up. They taste great and the ingredients are overall pretty good and the tube is very convenient for travel!
This is the Lemon Lime flavor which I would recommend, have not tried the others..yet!
Onnit Melatonin spray- I am sure you are familiar with the hormone and supplement melatonin. Basically, melatonin supplements are great for helping adjust to different time zones or help induce sleep when you need a little extra help or overdid it on the caffeine and have to be up early. I like to bring this travel sized spray with me so I don’t have to pack a bunch of loose pills. This one has a minty taste which is nice as well!

Favorite beauty items for traveling:

Origins eye cream and moisturizing mask- I usually do not wear makeup on flights and instead go heavy on the moisturizers. Air can get really dry thousands of feet up and I find that makeup just dries me out even more, so right before the flight i put on a layer of the Origins Ginzing eye cream and the Drink Up Intensive ‘Overnight’ Mask. My skin feels and looks super dewy and moisturized when I land.
This is the travel size, which I will probably continue to buy because it is super convenient and has lasted me a long time!
Pixi Spray- This is a nice add on to the products mentioned above. Essentially, this is a moisturizing spray for your face that makes you look glowy and I will usually spray this on at the end of a flight.
Sugar tinted lip balm- Gone are the days of suffocating lipsticks or stains (well while traveling that is, I’m willing to suffer sometimes). This lip balm comes in a bunch of shades and is soooo moisturizing and feels amazing on your lips. I love this ruby shade that I picked up from Sephora, but will definitely be collecting in as many shades possible. I give this a 10/10 on land and in the air.
The consistency is super sheer which I like for these purposes. 
Kiehls hand lotion- Again, with the dry air issue. Any moisturizer is great, I just like the small size of this one, and Kiehls is one of my favorite skincare brands.
Alright, written out, it might sound like I’m a little maintenance when it comes to my travel ‘necessities’. But really, now that I have all of my favorites figured out, I am able to keep them in their respective bags for the most part and easily throw them into my carry-on when its time to go, making packing and traveling in general so much more simple!
I hope this helped give you some ideas of products you can use that will help you stay healthy and most importantly happy while on your next adventure!
Let me know what your must have travel products are in the comments below or on Instagram!
Love, Saucey xo

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