Everything Jade Rolling

Jade rolling is a skincare technique that has been around forever. As in centuries. Just like any good trend, it’s definitely ‘back’ and I am totally on board.
While jade rolling used to just be for the wealthy women of ancient China, thanks to the luxuries of 2017 (almost 2018!), you can now order your jade roller on Amazon one day, and be rolling your way to prettier skin by the next. So why wouldn’t you?!

What is jade rolling?

Jade rolling is literally just rolling jade across your face (lol). Okay its a little more complicated than that. There are tons of techniques you can try, levels of jade rollers you can buy, and endless Youtube videos you can watch…..trust me, I got a good 20 minutes in the other day.
A jade roller is natural handheld skincare tool that is cool to the touch, so it has very calming effect on the skin, and the stones move smoothly over the contours of your face. There is typically a smaller jade stone on one end and a larger stone on the other so you can target areas of different sizes. For example, I use the small jade stone under my eyes and along my nose, and the larger one everywhere else.

Why should I jade roll?

Using a jade roller, the goal is to roll the stone across your face and neck in a way that helps promote circulation, reduce inflammation, and promote lymphatic drainage. There are a lot of other benefits from jade rolling, but essentially it de-puffs you and helps with lymphatic drainage, which is enough to have me hooked.
Think of it as a massage for your face! We hold a lot of tension and emotions in these areas, so its good to pay some attention to them.

My jade rolling routine

When it comes to when I jade roll, I don’t discriminate, although I especially love to jade roll in the morning. I find anything that promotes circulation in the morning is great because typically we have the most swelling and water retention right after sleeping, so this is the perfect thing to do to help bring that down before you start the day.
Both morning and night, I wash my face and apply my serums and moisturizers, then follow it up with jade rolling. Essentially I do my normal skincare routine in full and then once everything is fully soaked in, I roll over it. I feel like this even helps the products really soak into my skin so I can get the full benefits from them.
When it comes to how I actually roll, I follow a lymphatic drainage massage routine. This is a great ‘map’ to follow, if you will. I would also recommend looking up some Youtube videos.
Follow the arrows in each of the areas. These motions and directions promote lymphatic drainage which has tons of benefits. That’s another post!

What to look for in a jade roller

It sounds obvious, but you want to make sure the jade roller you go to purchase is actually jade. There definitely are knock-offs out there so make sure it says it is 100% authentic jade. I purchased mine off of Amazon and am happy with it, so if you want an easy and affordable option you can shop my jade roller here.  Like almost any product, there are variations in amounts you can spend, but I find this one does the trick.
So that’s what I’ve got for you on jade rolling! I hope you found this helpful or at least interesting.
Have you tried jade rolling or are you interested in it? Comment below what you think about this ‘new old’ technique and any other skincare topics you want to hear about!

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