My Morning Skincare Routine

In theory, I love the idea of 100% natural skincare.

But have you ever tried smearing avocado on your face for the sake of glowing skin? Its not as glamorous of a process as you might have imagined..

If you follow me on Instagram, you might know that I have been really into skincare for the last couple months. I’m really trying to step up my game and it’s actually turned into something I really enjoy researching (AND buying, *eye roll*)….

To address the avocado mask statement, I’m working on finding clean products that WORK, so right now my routine is about half natural and non, just a heads up. This post will be number one in a short series of skincare posts covering everything from lifestyle and diet trucks that I’m incorporating to get my best skin!

Why not kick it off with my morning routine?!

The general steps I follow for my skincare routine are to wash, tone, serum, moisturize, apply eye cream, and lastly jade roll (Read my last blog post on jade rolling if you are like WTF is that?!).

My morning skincare routine and favorite current products:

Step One- Rinse or Cleanse

In the morning I typically will do a light rinse with water or fully wash my face, it all depends on how my skin feels that morning. If I’m feeling more dry, I will just rinse with cold water to wake myself up and tighten my pores. If my skin isn’t too dry I will do a full cleanse. I’m currently using the Pacifica Sea Foam Complete Cleanser: Check it out here

I like how it foams up, and you do not need much product to cover a lot of ground, so it also lasts a long time. It leaves my skin with that ‘shiny’ look and feeling squeeky clean. This cleanser also smells amazing and is super affordable. Bonus!

Step Two – Tone:

I started including this step a couple months back after my esthetician recommended I include it in my routine. After washing my face and patting it drying it with a clean wash cloth, I use Witch Hazel and cotton rounds to tone. Sometimes you might notice that you clean more makeup or dirt off of your face when toning even after washing it, so i find this step necessary now. Using witch hazel is a great natural product for toning your face. I order mine directly off of amazon and it’s very inexpensive! Grab it on amazon here. I have tried other toners and nothing has compared to witch hazel for me.

Step Three – Serum:

Once my face is all cleaned up I apply a vitamin C serum. I am about halfway through my bottle of Ole Henricksen Vitamin C Truth Serum Shop it on Sephora here and would give it a 9/10. It definitely has brightened my skin up. If you are looking for a natural Vitamin C Serum I would also recommend this one from Mad Hippie Shop it here.

Vitamin C serum is supposed to be brightening and help with the production of collagen, which helps keep your skin looking soft and supple.

Step four – Moisturize:

Once my serum soaks in, I moisturize. Currently I am using the Ole Henricksen Sheer Transformation Perfecting Moisturizer from Sephora, shop it here.

What I like about this one is how lightweight it is so when I use it in the morning, makeup applies nicely over it. Now that it is full blown winter, I would like to find something heavy duty for nighttime, if you have any recommendations leave a comment below or tag me on IG. 🙂

Step Five – Eye Cream:

This is a new step for me as of about a year ago, and this product is probably my favorite of all five, which is the Origins Ginzing refreshing eye cream. This leaves a glowy, almost highlighter look under your eyes, which is super nice on its own or as a base for concealer. I love taking this with me on flights and putting it on at the beginning as my skin tends to dry out. Again with this product you need a very small amount so the little pot should last you a long time! Shop it here.

After all of these steps, I jade roll!

There you have it, my morning skincare routine! I would love to hear what all of your faves are so I can check them out. Tag me in your routine on Instagram or comment below!


Everything Jade Rolling

Jade rolling is a skincare technique that has been around forever. As in centuries. Just like any good trend, it’s definitely ‘back’ and I am totally on board.
While jade rolling used to just be for the wealthy women of ancient China, thanks to the luxuries of 2017 (almost 2018!), you can now order your jade roller on Amazon one day, and be rolling your way to prettier skin by the next. So why wouldn’t you?!

What is jade rolling?

Jade rolling is literally just rolling jade across your face (lol). Okay its a little more complicated than that. There are tons of techniques you can try, levels of jade rollers you can buy, and endless Youtube videos you can watch… me, I got a good 20 minutes in the other day.
A jade roller is natural handheld skincare tool that is cool to the touch, so it has very calming effect on the skin, and the stones move smoothly over the contours of your face. There is typically a smaller jade stone on one end and a larger stone on the other so you can target areas of different sizes. For example, I use the small jade stone under my eyes and along my nose, and the larger one everywhere else.

Why should I jade roll?

Using a jade roller, the goal is to roll the stone across your face and neck in a way that helps promote circulation, reduce inflammation, and promote lymphatic drainage. There are a lot of other benefits from jade rolling, but essentially it de-puffs you and helps with lymphatic drainage, which is enough to have me hooked.
Think of it as a massage for your face! We hold a lot of tension and emotions in these areas, so its good to pay some attention to them.

My jade rolling routine

When it comes to when I jade roll, I don’t discriminate, although I especially love to jade roll in the morning. I find anything that promotes circulation in the morning is great because typically we have the most swelling and water retention right after sleeping, so this is the perfect thing to do to help bring that down before you start the day.
Both morning and night, I wash my face and apply my serums and moisturizers, then follow it up with jade rolling. Essentially I do my normal skincare routine in full and then once everything is fully soaked in, I roll over it. I feel like this even helps the products really soak into my skin so I can get the full benefits from them.
When it comes to how I actually roll, I follow a lymphatic drainage massage routine. This is a great ‘map’ to follow, if you will. I would also recommend looking up some Youtube videos.
Follow the arrows in each of the areas. These motions and directions promote lymphatic drainage which has tons of benefits. That’s another post!

What to look for in a jade roller

It sounds obvious, but you want to make sure the jade roller you go to purchase is actually jade. There definitely are knock-offs out there so make sure it says it is 100% authentic jade. I purchased mine off of Amazon and am happy with it, so if you want an easy and affordable option you can shop my jade roller here.  Like almost any product, there are variations in amounts you can spend, but I find this one does the trick.
So that’s what I’ve got for you on jade rolling! I hope you found this helpful or at least interesting.
Have you tried jade rolling or are you interested in it? Comment below what you think about this ‘new old’ technique and any other skincare topics you want to hear about!